Selling alcohol to minors is prohibited.

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Terms of Sales

Domaine Ray Jane
353, avenue du Bosquet - 83330 Le Castellet
 Tel. : (+33) 494 98 64 08 - Fax: (+33) 494 98 68 72

Please read carefully

By connecting to the website, you confirm your acceptance of these terms of sale and you agree to be linked to them.
The terms of sale are also fully applicable to all orders, whatever they are.



Articles L3322-2, L3342-4, L3323-2 of the French Code of Public Health:

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Therefor, it should be drank with moderation.
Alcohol should not be drank by pregnant women.
The sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors. 
By placing an order on this website, you certify that you are of legal age and have legal capacity to buy alcohol.


The website was designed by Domaine Jane-Ray, who is the owner and holder of all its rights. Unless prior express consent of Domaine Ray-Jane, it is prohibited to copy, download all or part of the website or its contents. However, Domaine Ray-Jane authorizes the creation of hypertext links to the site.



The fact that a user fill out an order form appearing on the website and confirm the order by clicking the "Submit" button provided for this purpose, is full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which will be applicable only to the contacts that are concluded this way.


At any time, the website contains a commercial proposal for the sale of products, which is not legally considered as a permanent offer. Thus, the conclusion of a contract only occurs in case of order confirmation by Domaine Ray-Jane.
After confirmation of payment, pursuant to Article 2.3 of these Terms, the order is accepted by Domaine Ray-Jane.
This acceptance of the order, or, when appropriate, refusal to accept an order is confirmed to the buyer by email or fax, within 24 business hours after receipt of the order.
Domaine Ray-Jane also keeps the right not to accept payment, and therefore not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, relating in particular to a problem of supply products, or with the order received, or upon delivery.


2.3.1. Obligations of Domaine Ray-Jane

Domaine Ray Jane agrees, in case of acceptance of an order to sell and deliver to the buyer the goods he/she ordered. In this regard, Domaine Ray-Jane undertakes to deliver the goods to the carrier nominated by Domaine Ray-Jane, at the latest 72 hours after acceptance of an order.
Ray-Jane has a contract with the carrier under who undertakes to deliver the products to the address specified by the customer.

2.3.2. Obligations of the buyer

The customer agrees to indicate to Domaine Ray-Jane an address to where the delivery can be made ​​during working hours. The customer agrees to pay the stated price for the services provided by Domaine Ray-Jane (product prices and transportation) and to pay VAT.
The customer agrees not to resell the products.
Any order placed by a the customer is for personal use or for the personal use of the person on whose behalf the delivery must be made. In that case, the buyer guarantees the personal acceptance of these terms by the recipient of the delivery (which will be assimilated to the buyer).


2.4.1. Price, invoice

The total price indicated in the order confirmation by Domaine Ray-Jane is the final price. It includes the price of products, handling, packaging and transport.
The price is expressed in euro. Any amounts expressed in other currencies are for information only.
The payment of the products is made by check or bank transfer.
The output from the buyer's bank account will be made ​​in euros upon acceptance of the order by Domaine Ray-Jane.
An invoice can be issued by Domaine Ray-Jane, at the specific request from customer, which must indicate the invoice mailing address.

2.4.2. Transport - Delivery - Delivery

The products are delivered to the address specified in the order within three (3) to nine (9) business days, starting from the order confirmation, unless the payment was not made ​​for any reason.
The deadlines provided by Domaine Ray-Jane to the buyer vary according to the country and area of the recepient's address. Domaine Ray-Jane can not be held liable for exceeding the indicative deadlines given on the website or into the order confirmation.
In case of absence of the recipient or a person who may take possession of the goods upon delivery, the carrier will leave a notice at the delivery address specified by the customer, prompting the buyer to withdraw the products. In any case, Domaine Ray-Jane can not be held responsible for any deterioration of the products in case of late withdrawal of the products from the carrier, or non-collection of products by the buyer.

2.4.3. Transfer of risks

The transfer of the risks on products takes place upon delivery of goods by Domaine Ray-Jane to the carrier. Thus, the products travel to the risks and dangers of the buyer.

2.4.4. Disagreement when receiving the goods - Lack of recourse - Case limiting terms

The customer can disagree upon the delivery of products only in the case of improper quantity, or if the package containing the products is seriously damaged. These disagreements must be made ​​in writing to the carrier upon delivery, or within 12 hours after the delivery. A copy of these disagreements must be sent to Domaine Ray-Jane (email or fax) no later than 12 hours after the disagreements have been made. It is up to the buyer to provide with this dispatch to Domaine Ray-Jane the confirmation by the carrier of the reality of these disagreements.
No return of goods will be accepted. If the above procedure has been followed, and if it is well proven that the disagreements are due to the fact that packaging and products are highly damaged, Domaine Ray-Jane, by its own choice, would refund the price paid or make a new delivery of similar products.
If delivery does not meet the quantity ordered, Domaine Ray-Jane would reimburse only the price difference between the products ordered and those delivered only if the delivered products are less expensive than those ordered and paid. No disagreement may be made about the taste or appearance of products.

2.4.5. Warranty - Limitation

Domaine Ray-Jane ensures that the products are manufactured in France and have been subject to all necessary care to ensure their compliance with the description that appears on the website at the date of the order. Domaine Ray-Jane also ensures that they are delivered to the carrier in a state of perfect quality. This is the only warranty given by Domaine Ray-Jane. No other express or implied warranty is given. Especially, Domaine Ray-Jane can not guarantee that products meet specific customer requirements.

2.4.6. Liability - Limitation of Liability

The customer is responsible for the choice of products, their conservation after the delivery and their use. Domaine Ray-Jane is responsible for compliance with French regulations relating to the products, excluding any other national regulation.

3. Invalidity - Major Force - APPLICABLE LAW - JURISDICTION

If any of these Terms should be declared invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the enforcement or validity of the other Terms, this so judged invalid or unenforceable Term being replaced by the closest possible Term. Neither Domaine Ray-Jane, neither the client, can be held responsible for any breach that would originate from a case of major force beyond their control, including, without limiting, acts of war, of riot, insurrection, interruption of transport, import or export problems, strike, lockout, shortage, fire, earthquake, storm, flood.
The Terms are governed exclusively by French law. The courts of France will be competent for any litigation or dispute about them.

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